“Behind every successful woman ... is a substantial amount of coffee!”

Stephanie Piro

From Lisbon to the World

We are inspired by the millennial rituals of women's beauty to develop EVAN Care products.
Centuries ago, Lisbon was the starting point that opened the horizons for the whole world and brought with it the knowledge and raw materials of other civilizations where it passed.

Like the great achievements of the Discoveries our focus is to find the best organic raw materials and manufacturing techniques for our treatments.

Our Lines

From the World to You

We all suffer from numerous aggressions over time, such as exposure to solar radiation, pollution, heat, and chemical treatments. For this reason, people are increasingly looking for products that not only repair the damage, but also take lasting action.

EVAN Care is the result of many years of research and testing, which has enabled us to design a new technology aN Synergy to potentiate the Organic Raw Materials in the design of our treatments thus offering the best results.

Developed in Lisbon and produced by the best professional in the World: USA, Brasil, Italy and Spain, just for You!

Organic Raw Materials



Brightness & Softness

evan care professional straightening hair with coffee gold

For a Long Lasting Straightening