Intense Shampoo


For damaged hair. This Intense Shampoo gently cleanses the from the pollutant particles removing all existing impurities. The purification of the hair strands make them more flexible and smoother.
The result is regenerated and hydrated hair.
This Shampoo contains no salt, sulfates, silicone or parabens.



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D-Pantenol Concentrated Solution - Lower Poo

The D-Panthenol or Vitamin B5 Concentrated Solution with Lanolin by Curly Power acts as a hair conditioning agent that provides long lasting moisture to the hair avoiding damage while simultaneously thickening the hair with an intense shine effect.

How to use: apply onto the full length of the hair, from the roots to tips. If you have washed your hair, repeat the operation until the desired softness is achieved.


Intense Mask

Suitable for damaged hair.
The Intense Mask regenerates the most fragile segments of the hair fiber and restores its hydration. It contains nano-encapsulated and cationic actives that restore the natural moisture of the locks that therefore recover the elasticity and strength of the hair fiber. The cuticles are aligned providing a longer life for the texture of the now better protected and smooth hair.
This mask is salt free, sulfates free and parabens free.