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Lower Poo Super Curl Activator

Curly Power's Lower Poo Super Curl Activator moisturizes and gives your hair volume by coating the curls with nutrients that intensively give the curl a memory effect, extending its action on the strands compared to other activators as it has a purifying and moisturizing action.

How to use: with the hair washed and still damp, apply the product onto the full length of the hair, making quick and uniform movements activating the curls with your hands, shaping them.
External use.


Selante Lower Poo

Dry hair has cuticles open making hair strands dry, rough and frizzy. Normally, the capillary fiber becomes exposed losing its micro-nutrients. To make your hair healthier, the Curly Power line features this Sealant with the actives and nutrients needed to close the cuticles and keep your hair soft, shiny and silky. This improves its ability to absorb moisture, improves its porosity and damage due to chemical and natural processes.

How to use: after washing your hair with Shampoo and Mask, apply the Sealant on the entire length until the tips in the desired amount. Let it dry naturally.

This Sealant can be used with all Curly Power finishers.
Finish as you wish.


D-Pantenol Concentrated Solution - Lower Poo

The D-Panthenol or Vitamin B5 Concentrated Solution with Lanolin by Curly Power acts as a hair conditioning agent that provides long lasting moisture to the hair avoiding damage while simultaneously thickening the hair with an intense shine effect.

How to use: apply onto the full length of the hair, from the roots to tips. If you have washed your hair, repeat the operation until the desired softness is achieved.


Home Care Kit

This home care kit contains all the products you need to treat your curls at home. It provides your chemically treated hair, wavy or curly, natural curls with shine and movement derived from its formula that contains organic and emollient active agents that do not leave the hair looking dry and undefined.

This kit contains:

1x Reconstructor & Repair Shampoo
1x Reconstructive & Repairing Mask
1x Curl Activator
1x Super Humidifier
1x Lower Poo Sealant
1x Daily Use Shine Spray

Lower Poo Home Care Kit

The Low Poo method translates to 'little shampoo'. It is a routine where a milder version of shampoo is used.
With Low Poo kit products, hair is washed with sanitizers that contain mild cleansing agents compared to the common sulfates found in traditional shampoos.
Thus, we talk about a set of products without sulfates that have a cleaning action. There products are the perfect hair care that deeply styles it without harming.

This kit contains:

1x Purifying & Moisturizing Lower Poo Shampoo
1x Purifying & Moisturizing Lower Poo Mask
1x Super Poo Snail Activator
1x Lower Poo Sealant
1x Lower Poo Snail Reactivator Fluid
1x Lower Poo Booster Solution

Home Care Shampoo

The Coffee Gold Shampoo promotes a gentle cleansing that nourishes the hair deeply since the first application. For use after professional hair straightening.
Without salt, sulfates, parabens or silicone.

Recommended Use: Apply o wet hair and massage gently. Rinse. If necessary, repeat the process. After this process, apply the Coffee Gold Mask.


Home Care Mask

Hair mask after hair straightening. This Mask promotes hair fiber reparation, reconstruction and strength. For all hair types.

How to use: after using the Coffee Gold Shampoo, apply on the hair and let it set for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and finish as desired.

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep in a cool place away from sunlight.


Hair Diffuser

The diffuser is a hair dryer accessory that is used to highlight and define curly or wavy hair. Thanks to its special Curly Power construction, this diffuser has no hooks to prevent hair tangling and better direct warm air onto the hair with minimal dispersion. It contains a foam film that filters the air pressure, letting only its temperature to pass in order to better separate the hair and create the desired volume.

Balance Mask

Balance Mask contains seaweed and essential oils that gently restore the hair. It's a perfect and balanced treatment for all hair types, especially those that have already undergone chemical treatments.
The result is more structured hair that is stronger, healthy and resistant to breakage.
This Mask doesn't contain salt, parabens or sulfates.


Curly Mask

Our Curly Mask eliminates the frizz and lack of definition of your curls. It intensively moisturizes the hair fiber with agents that provide structure to the curl.
For curly hair.
The result is shiny, silky, frizz-free and healthy hair.
Salt free. Sulfates free. Parabens free.


Intense Mask

Suitable for damaged hair.
The Intense Mask regenerates the most fragile segments of the hair fiber and restores its hydration. It contains nano-encapsulated and cationic actives that restore the natural moisture of the locks that therefore recover the elasticity and strength of the hair fiber. The cuticles are aligned providing a longer life for the texture of the now better protected and smooth hair.
This mask is salt free, sulfates free and parabens free.


Balance Shampoo

The Balance Shampoo is a daily routine, especially for more sensitive hair. It incorporates seaweed that gently cleanses and moisturizes hair without making it heavy. 
This formula recovers strength and structure to previously damaged strands and is suitable for hair with chemical treatments.
This Shampoo is salt, sulfates and parabens free.


Curly Shampoo

The Curly Shampoo washes the hair with its formula that has a special combination with natural actives that treats it deeply, making it healthier. It intensively moisturizes the hair strands helping them with their growth and strength.
This Shampoo balances the pH of the hair, seals the cuticles and reduces the frizz as well as split ends giving it shine.


Intense Shampoo

For damaged hair. This Intense Shampoo gently cleanses the from the pollutant particles removing all existing impurities. The purification of the hair strands make them more flexible and smoother.
The result is regenerated and hydrated hair.
This Shampoo contains no salt, sulfates, silicone or parabens.