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The Coconut Summer line was created with the best natural ingredients: Coconut, Annatto and Carrot. Why these ingredients? There properties range from hydration, to strengthening. They offer your skin the power to tan and heal. Learn more in each product!

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Bronzer Activator Oil

Tan Activating Oil, SPF 6 tan accelerator, helps intensify your tan while protecting the skin from solar UVA / UVB radiation.
Quick absorption, non-greasy and easy to apply. Resistant to perspiration and water.
No alcohol. No parabens.


Shimmer Coconut Oil Protector

Sunscreen spray with glowing effect. This Shimmer Coconut Oil Protector has a formula enriched with coconut extract and golden particles. The oil helps to untangle and comb the hair. Enriched with UV filter that surrounds the sun-protected capillary hair. Not greasy. Paraben and Silicone Free.

How to use: apply on body and hair during sun exposure and repeat when necessary.


Ultra Shimmer Coconut 3 in 1

This Ultra Shimmer 3 in 1 is a repairing dry oil with glowing effect. A formula enriched with coconut extract and golden particles. Multi function oil for body, face and hair.

Recommended Use: apply after sun exposure. Use small amounts on body and hair. For better results, apply after the Post Solar Fluid Spray.


Coconut After Sun Fluid

The Post Solar Fluid Spray provides intense hydration for both hair and body. It repairs, softens and moisturizes the hair and sun-exposed skin. Your hair will be silky and easy to comb.

How to Use: apply on damp hair. Apply gently on the skin after sun exposure. Do not rinse. For a glowing effect, try out«r Ultra Shimmer 3 in 1.


After Sun Shampoo & Gel

Shampoo and shower gel. A coconut extract enriched formula that gently cleanses hair and body eliminating chlorine and salt water residues. Suitable for frequent use after beach and pool. This After Sum Shampoo and Gel protects and moisturizes both hair and body. Without salt.

How to use: wash as a normal shampoo after sun exposure. Finish with the After Sun Mask.


After Sun Mask

After sun mask for hair. U.V rays, salt and chlorine are the worst enemies of your hair. Coconut Summer Solar Capillary Mask is a treatment for all hair types that restores vitality, shine and smoothness. A formula enriched with coconut extract.

How to use: after washing your hair with the After sun Shampoo, apply a small amount of the Mask on damp hair. Leave to set for 5 minutes and rinse carefully.